How I make money dropshipping, mini importing and selling for friends.

It’s all started with me coming across an article online about dropshipping early last year. I read it, researched on the topic and found some few limitations here and there like, it will be difficult for Nigerians to dropship on Amazon store, goods from China takes a long time before reaching Nigeria and other stuff.

I listed out the difficulties, found ways around them and started buying from AliExpress store and Alibaba.

The first difficulty was getting customers to know what I do. So I set up an online store to help me sell these products.(it’s automated)

I wrote down a marketing plan, your marketing plan should be in line with what you are selling, it could be a digital marketing plan or any other one.

I spend a fix amount on marketing monthly and my sales goes up cause I always involve on my methods.

These days, everyone is online, you can market to thousands of people per day and even if just 1% of those people buy, you will have made good profit. I currently average 250000 naira monthly.

How money is made.

I check popular online stores for prices of items and then go on Alibaba to check, there I know my profit margin.

Say a female handbag sells for ₦7000 in the market, I can get same bag for $5 on Alibaba or AliExpress, I will then add the handbag to my store, at ₦6500. Market it and say I made 20 sales in 30 days.
I will make a profit of ₦4675 x 20 = ₦93500 on that bag alone.
Remember, it requires learning.

Fashion sells better online, you can add other niche too.

Steps to get started.

1: Decide on what you want to sell. pick a niche you are comfortable with, that way your marketing will be focus.

2: Browse the websites that you will be buying from, check to see if the prices are friendly and that you can make profit.

3: Set up a website to sell with. This will boost your reputation and give customers confident.

4: Good customer service is key, relate well with your customers, call and send messages to keep them happy even after a completed sales.

5: Market on social media always. I can’t over stress this, it will either make you or break you. Read on how to market your online store. You can also find free methods to market your store with.

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To your success!

Ohis Lawrence